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MOTs Norwich - Watch Out for Cheap MOTs….


The Ministry of Transport (MOT) Test for vehicles was brought into effect in 1960.

Once your vehicle reaches three years old you will need to get an annual MOT Test at an accredited MOT Centre.

The MOT Test checks that your vehicle meets road safety and environmental legal standards – it does not check its mechanical condition. The MOT does not test the condition of the engine, gearbox or clutch and, as such, is not a replacement for getting your vehicle serviced.


Some of the areas checked as part of your MOT:

MOT Tests are only carried out by fully trained and qualified testers.They use highly sophisticated, sensitively calibrated and expensive equipment and the test takes around 45 minutes.

The maximum fee for a car MOT as set by the Department of Transport is £54.85. This fee reflects the cost of the testers time and the quality and expense of the equipment that is required to adequately test vehicles on the road today. There are no short cuts to an MOT test, there isn’t a ‘mini MOT’ that only takes 15 minutes – so if a garage is offering a test at less than half the recommended price you must ask yourself ‘where is the garage making back that loss?’

Don’t be fooled by cheap ‘headline’ prices for MOTs that some garages advertise. Garages who do offer MOTs at £20 or even less will be operating at a loss –these garages will seek to recover the cost of testing at such a low price and that will mean a longer list of repairs and a higher overall bill for you the customer.

Here at STR Service Centre, we believe in providing our customers the best value across the board. Our MOT price will always be fair and as competitive as we can make it. We will not use cut priced MOTs as a loss leader.

We are constantly working to bring trust back to the motor trade through high level customer service, competitive pricing on all areas of vehicle maintenance and quality work through all our highly trained mechanics.


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